5 Helpful Tools for Bloggers & Content Marketers

When it comes to creating a successful blog, there is nothing more important than content. You could have the greatest design in the world and tons of money and tools for promoting your blog, but if the content is not up to par, the blog will never achieve a greater amount of notoriety or success. […]

Asus #ZenFone5 Review FirstLook

Hey Readers… I am here with a comprehensive review of Asus #ZenFone5, which is about to get officially launch on 9th of this July…yeah just after 2 days. With the launch of this smartphone; techies are expecting, Asus will shake the Indian smartphone market very surprisingly. Though I got a chance to use this smartphone […]

How To Improve Blog Alexa Ranking?

Bloggers and website owners are busy finding effective ways to improve Alexa ranking of their blogs and website, let us find out why? Well, lower Alexa ranking indicates that the blog or a website is successful and healthy online. The lesser Alexa rank you achieve, the more business you will get! So, improving your website’s […]

Review WinX HD Video Converter for World Cup 2014 videos

Suppose you are lucky enough to get a 2014 FIFA World Cup ticket, have gone to Brazil for live football matches, and plan to record all great matches with your Sony/Cannon/JVC HD camcorder for uploading or aftertaste, there is actually only one thing left for you to think about, and that is how to convert […]

How to Make Blog SEO Friendly – Important Points

Getting good number of visitors from Google is one of the very first desires of any blogger. And if someone expects good organic traffic then his blog post should be on first page of Google for targeted keywords. And trust me it is not that much easy for a blogger to achieve those first page […]

Top 7 Sites To Get Free Stock Images

Check out the most known sites to get free stock images / photos. Incorporating few highest quality images is the ultimate way to improve a presentation, article, content and website, but you need to be careful while selecting the images! Google Images is quite tricky and can easily locate the duplication of the shot which […]

How To Save Laptop Battery Life – Top 10 Tips

Check now “Tips on how to Save Laptop Battery Life” so that you can preserve the laptop battery for emergency. Everyone who uses laptop know about the sinking feeling that they get in the pit of their stomach, especially when the battery of their laptop is about to die. The battery life of laptop is […]

10 Simple SEO strategies for beginners FY 2014

Beginners SEO strategies for yr 2014 will surely going to help a lot to small business owners to achieving good Google rankings. Startup companies and small business owners have a tremendous opportunity to make an impact by having a presence on several digital channels; from search engines to social and mobile. Your target audience can […]

How to Play DVD Movie on Mobile Devices

 There is an interesting depiction of Smartphone adoption: More people have cell phones than toilets. Among the total estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion of them have access to cell phones. But only 4.5 billion people — have access to working toilets. And most of them spend nearly 20% of their waking hours watching videos […]

Moto G or Moto E – Which One to Adopt!

Advent of Motorola Moto G has set a unique benchmark in the market of budget Smart phones, owing to its affordability, exceptional build quality and better performance. This Smartphone has not only received appreciation globally, but also brought Motorola into limelight again. But, with the introduction of Moto E, the economical Smartphone by Motorola that […]

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