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DSC08965Can you please tell us about yourself; and why did you choose to be a blogger?

Hi I’m Shameem a part time blogger from Chennai (Hot City) India. For me blogging is something that makes me to share things I love and I hate 9 to 5 job 🙂 I blog at

How old are you? How many years you have been blogging? How many blogs you have?
If you have asked this question to the girl answer will be “Pass” LOL but I’m 25 yrs old. It’s almost 2 years I have been blogging and I’m running with 2 blogs.

How did you come to know about blogging? How was your beginning in the blogging/Tell about your first blog?
Well I just love Internet and spare my time in browsing center for long hours. I enter into a community called Orkut might people still be aware I guess, once Facebook started to dominate the world this one came to an end. A guy in that community just shared his link and asked me to click ad-sense but I didn’t remember his name once I given my click and then started to read his blog and through that I just came in.

My first blog is I have learned a lot from this blog and done several mistakes too. Moreover if you do an mistake try to correct it don’t ever try to continue.

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Please share 5 blogging tips for newbie bloggers.

  1. Choose the niche you love.
  2. Start writing with passion.
  3. Engage yourself with social media.
  4. Have list of blogs on your niche and be active to comment first.
  5. Participate on forums like: , digital point & warrior forum.

What are the best tools that you’ve used to expand your blog’s reach?
Social Media: Twitter , Justretweet , Triberr , Facebook groups and Google plus.
Keyword Research : Long tail pro and
Competitor Analysis : Semrush and Majesticseo which helps me to keep an eye.

What do you think about the future of SEO?
Google trying out with new stuff day by day it can’t be predicted so keep updated yourself.

Who are the top 5 technical experts/bloggers in your network? Can you mention the name of the big bloggers in your friends list/network?

Zac Johnson , Neil Patel , Francisco Perez, Ileane & K.Easley

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Which source of revenue you suggest as an alternative to Google AdSense?
Don’t depend on Google Adsense alone start Affiliate marketing promote your own products sure you can earn more then Adsense. If you want try out with Viglinks, Skimlinks and Infolinks.

Which are the online social communities you are most active on? Please share your profiles so that we can follow you.

You can reach me via my blog or through social networks –

Google plus:

How much traffic do you need to make a realistic living through your blog?
It’s varies among your niche and can’t give the exact counts but try to increase your organic traffic sure you can have your dream life 🙂

Would you like to suggest something to newbie bloggers?

  • Don’t start your blogging career for the sake of money.
  • Show your dedication and have patience.
  • Keep learning and test yourself.
  • Give your readers what they want not for the bots.
  • Build your relationship with other bloggers by joining communities available on Facebook and other networks.

Thanks a lot Shameem for your precious time and experience. Readers don’t forget to ask your questions to Shameem 🙂 Our comment section is open for all.


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