Best Broadband Deals for Your Online Gaming in United Kingdom

Gaming is a top way to pass the time for many people. With roof high work, school and family stress levels, gaming provides a route to unwind and immerse yourself in an imaginary life where you can score quicker conquests before the day is over and the daily routine kicks in the following day.

Online gaming is one of the most exciting gaming options as players can access greater functionalities of the games that aren’t available in offline fashion. Online gaming has been proven to improve mental activity and increase social connection as you blend in with a worldwide community of players.

So are you ready to drop those keys, hang up that jacket and catch up with a new strategy for your game? You might want to remember there will be an internet data bill at the end of the day. Although some of the most popular games consume little data compared to livestreamed movies and HD videos, the 10Mb per hour single player usage can shoot to an average of 100Mb per hour (and even 1 Gb/hr. for other games) in multiplayer modes.

Factors to consider

 To keep your data bills in check and ensure your online gaming experience is unbroken, you need a broadband connection that has a balance of both speed, reliability and low latency, coupled with some advantageous traffic management.

In choosing a broadband option, consider the connection type, the download and upload speeds, jitter and packet loss, and the options available (limited or unlimited), set up costs, monthly repayments, and the length of the contract as well as the cumulative first year costs. Different gaming platforms also consume varied quantities of data and it is also important to keep that in mind as you scout for options. Ensure that the router you get with the package is the best quality at the best price and that the company has adequate and strong technical customer support. These, coupled with the lowest contention rates (where possible) will give you a constant and unforgettable gaming experience.

Choose a preferred option from the list below of the best broadband deals:





Virgin Media


Plus Net


BT Infinity


Now TV


Talk Talk




Fiber Max BroadbandVVID 200 Fiber GamerUnlimited Fiber ExtraUnlimited BroadbandFiber UnlimitedFiber
Monthly Usage


Maximum Download Speed


Maximum Upload Speed


Set-Up Cost


Contract Length


18 months12 months18 months12 months12 months18 months
Monthly Cost


Year 1 Costs


Calls Option


AvailableNot IncludedAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable + TV

In terms of peak time packet loss and peak time latency, different companies fare differently. Here is a peak at some of the top broadband providers:

Company/IssueSkyTalk TalkPlus NetVirgin MediaEE BroadbandBT
Peak Time Packet Loss1.    11%1.    33%1.    16%1.    14%1.    55%1.    18%
Peak Time Latency15ms33ms15ms15ms17ms17ms

What to look for in a package

 Games may not need necessarily fast broadband connections but they require good speeds to allow the gamer enjoy all the offerings of the modern online gaming scene like fast automatic updates, game titles, best scene experiences and HD movie streaming. The best connection and download speeds come with fiber optic broadband packages.

Balance Speed, Cost and Availability

 A package with unlimited downloads is definitely the best. Because broadband providers are outcompeting each other to provide unlimited downloads, this comes in handy due to the large file sizes of the most popular games (some up to 54GB for digital purchases).

From the list above, the best packages are from Virgin Media, Talk Talk, BT Infinity, Plusnet and Sky. A balance of the speeds, setup and monthly costs and availability within your location will help you get the best deal for the best online gaming experience.

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