Apps To Keep Your Phone Safe and Secure

Have you ever given a thought to your smartphone security risks? If not then you should definitely give it a serious thought. This is because we live in an era where technology has taken over everything. Our every bit of information is being stored digitally in bits. This information is very vital for us, but many a times its digital storage makes it more vulnerable to threats which too are a product of this technology. Hackers and cyber criminals are up on their toes to extract and steal your personal information either to blackmail you or sell it to other parties.

For this purpose  they use Spywares and malwares which steal your information secretly and also do damage to your device. Some of which might include battery drainage, lagging, and even permanent shut off. Everyday new and new forms of viruses are coming up and that is why you need to upgrade your phones as well and install security apps and Antivirus. Here is a list of top 5 security apps for 2018 which you can use in your phone.  

  • Avast Mobile security: Avast is a trusted name is the Antivirus software market. It’s phone version app allows much more than just scanning your phone.
  1. has a call blocker, firewall and measures through which one can remotely wipe out all the data from a phone in case if it is lost.
  2. has its own app lock through which you can set lock on your apps.
  • Bitdefender: It is also a renowned brand in security field which has an light weight mobile app. This app does not run in the background but starts the search manually.
  1. Though it can check any newly installed app for malware automatically.
  2. It also offers an trial of Bitdefender Mobile Security which has an Antivirus and other anti theft features.
  • Kaspersky mobile Antivirus: The Kaspersky has a great score in the AV-Test trials with an impressive detection rate off 99.9% of malwares.
  1. It can also block malicious sites even before you open them thereby preventing any risk of infection at the beginning.
  • Avira vault: this is an iOS app using which you can hide photos on your iPhone and this is not the only reason to have it. It has a number of other features such as-
  1. hiding your bank details and passwords as well.
  2. It also keeps your browser safe by blocking malware attacks.
  3. The free version has a limited storage, though you can buy the full version at an price of $4 which has an unlimited storage.
  • Signal: Signal is a free messaging app which takes into consideration your privacy and this is why it enables you to make video and voice calls in complete privacy.
  1. It uses end to end encryption.
  2. Other feature that makes it so reliable is the fact that it does not store any metadata on its servers.
  3. As it is a freeware.
  4. It is open source and there is no need for the developers to store any information as the other apps do for their business.

I hope you liked this update on keeping your phone secure and safe! If you like reading this blogs, keep looking for this space for more such updates.

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