Productivity Apps for iOS 11 You Need To Have

Apple plays its game very well. The main reason for  its huge name and trust among the consumers. With the latest iOS being launched, there are a lot of productivity apps that one should know about and here is a list of some of the apps for your iOS 11 that you need in your daily routine and which cover every walk of life.

Newton Mail

Newton mail is an emailing app that was earlier known as CloudMagic. It works on a variety of email accounts including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, IMAP by combining them in a single inbox. The features that this application contains include mail scheduling, snooze, read receipts and two factor authentications. It is very handy for business people because it integrates popular services like SalesForce, OneNote and ZenDesk. It is a complete combo and an all in one mobile email client which comes with a yearly subscription fee of $49.99.


If you are in the field of designing or advertising, you should surely check Forge as an app in your IOS 11. It is a mobile drawing application with a more design and productivity oriented focus. It gives the user the facility to use plenty of brushes and markers as well as organizing tools to make their ideas come to life as idea boards, project walls and storyboard gallery.

Apart from drawing, you can import sketches, pictures and notes from your camera, Dropbox and Adobe cloud for viewing and editing like your drawing you created in your app. It is designed and owned by YY7 LLc.


Designed by Moleskine, Timepage for iOS is an excellent calendar app that blends in style and functionality. It is a smart calendar and day planner which provides new calendar views and easy event manager. It has a simple timeline for day’s schedule and a date viewer with heat-map which represents how busy that particular day is. Maps and weather tool which includes information about winds, rainfall, hourly temperature graph, sunset and sunrise timings, are also some of the handy additions to this app. This app is currently priced at $4.99.

World Brush

It is an app designed especially for the ARKit of iOS. ARKit or the augmented reality kit opens a totally new dimension for us where things become real in our virtual screens. It brings us a lot closer to the real-world experience. Using World Brush, we can draw 3D shapes and designs in the real world.

The most awesome part of it is that whatever we draw shall stay there and will be visible to others through their phone unless we delete it. World Brush is owned and sold by the company, Active Theory.


Edmunds is another ARKit application which can be very useful in car research and buying. If you are planning to buy a car but you are not sure if it would fit in your garage, Edmunds can save your day. Using this app, you can place a life-sized vehicle in front of you in your own house.

This way you get a clear idea about the dimensions of your car before buying it. Thousands of car models are available on this app to select from. Currently these cars are not available in their painted versions but as a mapped model. Apart from this feature, you can also get a guide on buying your car and contacts of dealers near you.

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