Tips for Blogging Beginners: Where To Begin?

All of us have something to say. But if one keeps their thoughts for a narrow circle of friends, the others consider an up-to-date and interactive ways – such like blogging. When you’re about to create a new blog you manage with it quite well but as the registration complete you might have a feeling that you really don’t know where to start. But, as the time shows, the novice tends to make the same mistakes, that’s why I prepared for you some tips you’ve got to keep to if you want your blog to be not only hobby known to you and some of your friends but a success:

Write regularly. If you want your blog to be read and commented on, write not less than three articles per week. Don’t make your readers wait too long, otherwise they’ll just find another suitable blog instead of yours. It goes without saying that your articles should be unique and written by you, not borrowed from elsewhere.

Find your niche. You must be well-known, a celebrity or have your own writing style, unusual vision known by thousands to be read if you write about everything with no definite topic. So the best idea is to start with something you know well or what is enjoyable for you. Photography, healthy living, investment – everything will do. Just be passionate about what you write, share your tips, life experience, and the readers will come.

Create remarkable titles! It’s the title that most of the cases determines if your article will be read or not. The perfect one must be short, catchy, dragging attention. Sometimes people read the article on the random topic just because they found the title interesting.

Follow the footsteps of the toppers. The ultimately popular bloggers with hundreds of thousand readers are usually willing to share their experience. So, don’t pass by such first-hand information.

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Pay attention not only to the content but also to how the information is given. It’s all good if you know the technical or law terminology, but people prefer to be told difficult things in a simple way. Don’t write very long posts; if there are so, divide them into parts. Add pictures and videos, ones made by you are preferable.

To be noticed in the blogosphere, don’t restrict yourself with only writing the posts. Comment on others’ blogs, have conversations with your readers in comments, share your opinion. Be proactive and sociable, it rapidly drags people’s attention.

Don’t save efforts on promotion. Don’t wait that lots of new visitors will come while you just sit and do nothing to attract them. Add social networking buttons, use guest posting to attract visitors from the resources with similar area. Make a competition to attract new people. Think about what else can you give to your visitors. We all love those who share, don’t we?

As you go further and further with your blogging, you’ll discover new tips, pieces of advice and maybe invent some of those by yourself. But probably the main tip is to think about your blogging as a job, taking everyday efforts and constant self-perfection, but a job you just can’t live without.

About the author: Paul Smith is a professional blogger. He’s passionate about writing on business and blogging topics. He’s an open person who enjoys learning something new.


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