Top 6 Live Chat Solutions To Help Increase Customer Engagement

Although live chat application has nothing to do with SEO, display Ad, landing page it still manages to increase conversion rate significantly. The reason is human touch. Live agents chat with potential and even existing customers who need help pertaining to a product or service. Some of the enhancements in terms of various business metrics post live chat installation are just amazing. Here are some of those.



As mentioned above it improves conversion rate. 60% of chat sessions result in conversions. Now isn’t that amazing?


If chat sessions are handled professionally they can result in repeat orders which mean increased sales and revenues.


 This responsive method of interacting with website visitors increases customer loyalty. Over a period of time companies can create a large database of loyal followers.

However, this one-to-one interaction with agents needs to be offered round the clock. Just putting up a “Live Chat” link will not boost visitor confidence. Live chat applications or chat solutions as they are popularly called is a kind of sales and marketing tasks clubbed into one.

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The best live chat software includes intelligent analytics which can be leveraged to learn which pages customers are visiting, how long they’re staying on that page, and how they got there. Mentioned below are top 6 live chat solutions to help increase customer engagement


Kayako offers three dedicated solutions. Each one offers an intuitive window with several self servicing tools. All the three flavours tender a strong reporting mechanism, feature rich organization and user management. Mentioned below are some of the salient features of this live chat application which as mentioned above is available in three avatars; Kayako Fusion (the flagship version), Kayako Case and Kayako Engage.

  • Efficient and intelligent ticket and email management.
  • The core live chat mechanism.
  • Back end monitoring which includes visitor and agents.
  •  Remote desktop support.
  • Last but not the least VoIP integration which enhances its functionality, guaranteed to impress even the most demanding clients.

Kayako can be used in two ways

1. Kayako on demand – This product is hosted on Kayako’s own servers. Users can subscribe and reap the benefits of live chat.

2. Self hosting – The user simply downloads the product and installs it on his own IT infrastructure.

While the Kayako on demand costs $29 per month, self hosting product carries a price tag of $1,500. Kayako offers standard support for its products such as email, telephone and web, round the clock.  Visit Kayako 


Websites whether B2B or B2C are digital assets. They need to be leveraged to enhance brand and revenues. Liveperson through its cloud based chat solution called Live Engage offers this leverage. It’s innovative and prognostic engagement solution helps digital entities increase conversations and at the same time understand visitor’s value.

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Here are some of its salient features

  1.  Personalised visitor attention; whether it is chat, voice, video or messaging.
  2. Caters to all the platforms and devices.
  3. Intelligently gathers all the transcripts, user information and recreates an optimized data which can be used for future engagements.

Subscribe today and reduce “issues” handling costs, and increase order size. Visit Liveperson

Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100’s live chat solution boasts several unique features. Spin-offs such as dedicated applications for iPhone, iPad and Android based platforms is one such feature. It offers an intuitive chat interface which is simple, easy to you and doesn’t overwhelm even non-technical users. The software is reliable, extremely secure and requires no training from user and client point of view.

Comm100 believes in simplicity which is clearly visible in their mechanism. But let that not fool you. Its framework is extremely sturdy and therefore flaunts a service with minimum down time. Visit Comm100’s live chat


BoldChat focuses its development efforts on the agent side rather than the software itself. Hence, all their energies, at least a large chunk of it goes into updating and upgrading features which guarantees to build efficient agents and at the same time make their task effortless. BoldChat is intuitive, effective and really bold in terms of interface, offering a robust and scalable chat solution across all platforms and web entities. The fact can be gauged from the sales data; out of the top 500 internet retailers, BoldChat provides services to 5% of them, and 10% in the list of top 1000 digital assets.

Although this chat application rules online retail platform it also caters to diverse businesses with the same flair and philosophy which has made it the number two live chat solution provider. BoldChat is flexible and reduces the percentage of shopping cart abandonment. Visit BoldChat


Administrators will love Livezilla. The reason is because of its real time customer/agent monitoring system which offers an insight into the quality of chat that is taking place. Apart from this intelligent monitoring feature it also provides information such as website referrals, how visitors found your site, the path, and even the search keywords used. Now isn’t that great, especially for remarketing chores.

Some of the interesting characteristics of this program are

1. Your operators can fully customize the visitor interface inside LiveZilla client to include critical information.

2. Free and paid options available. Good for those who want to try out first and then buy.

3. Rich text chats makes information analyses a joy.

4. Option for virtual assistants instead of humans.

5. Global canned messages, chat transfers, mobile support and email transcripts are some of its other lineaments. Visit – LiveZilla 


Now, this chat application is really unique by all standards. It pulls user data from the helpdesk, customer relationship management program and various social media platforms at the beginning of every chat session. Once the session is over it saves the interaction back into the system, generating and storing critical customer information.

Here are some of SnapEngage’s intriguing features

  • Chats for different departments and chat transfers.
  • Offers priority tiers and user roles.
  • Customization of chat window to resemble your site.
  • Visitors can leave a message when you are offline.
  • Widgets available for different departments, web assets and languages.

All the above characteristics translate into an efficient live chat model which is robust, flexible and looks good too. No installation is required as SnapEngage invites visitors to your website for chat and scans it for you. Visit SnapEngage

Author Bio :  Jason Smith is an online marketing strategist for Mosquito Magnet .He likes to blog about recent updates and tricks to boost business through digital marketing.


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