Why Cloud Computing Can Be a Powerful Tool for Your Growing Business

Having a cloud computing system is the secret most businesses have that help them grow their businesses insanely fast, some even before their first anniversary.

The best part of it is that such businesses do not need ridiculous amount of financial investment and knowledge how to integrate such in their day-to-day activities; but still growing year after year and raking in the profits.


If you like your business to jump-to-that next level profit without the growing pains of increased tasks and investment (which is the more traditional way of expanding a business), then moving your business to the cloud is definitely worth considering.

Here’s why:

  • For small business owners, next-level profit also means:
  • Increase in customers (more crucial tasks that need to be organized or automated – which would require servers’ software etc.)
  • Increased number of employees (more money to spend on software and more people to hire)

Regretting which can cause serious drawbacks in growing your business. Imagine going on a camping without organizing your stuff in the bag, having a small bag in the first place and a few extra people to feed in the wilderness for a few days – definitely a nightmare for any camper.

Same goes in the world of business. In order to deliver the incredible customer service in your field , among others, also means it is better to have a system to deal with all the day-to-day stuff that can be automated and accessed as soon as possible that makes sure your business delivers the goods at the right place, at the right time.

Why? Because the more automated, systematic and organized your business is-the less time you need to spend on it. It gives an opportunity for your business to dominate your market without sacrificing the quality of product or service you are delivering.

Some good examples nowadays that uses brilliant systems in their business are hospitals (using Central Reservation Systems) or property management companies (using property management systems) or Customer Relationship Management software (the most popular and widely used in small businesses today); all of which use a customized solution to their needs. But all of them rely on some sort of cloud hosting services by a third-party.

Other than saving time, here are other benefits of having your business in the cloud:

Any cloud computing system (such as Software as a Service) allows you to tap into your business in a whim with any device that has internet access. (If you suddenly had a “Eureka!” moment while having coffee at a beach somewhere, you can have instant access to your database in an eye-blink)

Most cloud hosting systems are in their top of their game when it comes to security and protecting information. (Gives you and your customer’s peace of mind sharing sensitive information like names, credit card numbers and addresses. Sleep like a baby knowing that no one can access your information)

“Get hip” with all the updates necessary for your growing business, without the hassle of slowing down your daily operations. (Most cloud hosting providers include in their packages updating your systems so there are timely updates when you need them)

You can also provide related services to your clients by making them easy to reach you using cloud computing systems like SaaS (that way your clients will simply rave about your customer service, whether you sell a product or service) one good example of which are CRMs (Customer Relations Management software) that creates a database of your customers and let’s you communicate with them securely and privately.

Best part of all of this, you do not need to know all the mumbo-jumbo, and services nowadays are dirt cheap. There are also dedicated teams that handle the sophistication of maintaining or upgrading services, keeps your mind at ease and let’s you just focus on your business.

As a small business owner, you want to focus almost all your attention for delivering the best product or service you can. Using a protected cloud hosting system makes sure all the necessary grunt work of tracking sales, handling/organizing client’s information, processing request are done with minimum fuss.


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